Fairfield of Dreams

May 12, 2017

Fairfield of Dreams delivers long-form characters who've got game. We are a group of seasoned improvisers trapped in the suburbs of Fairfield County, Connecticut who've come to play. We'll knock it outta the park for you with our Harolds, Pythons, and monologue deconstructions. Our teammates are Kerstin Rao, Dana Rossi, George Walsh, Fred Seufert, Chris Dube and Glenn Packman. We've got a century of performing experience between us with our other current/former groups including ComedySportz NYC, Mission:Improvable (UMass-Amherst), World Class Indifference (Stamford, CT), Funny Side Up (Stamford, CT), Inappropriate Behavior (Greenwich, CT), Sheer Idiocy (RPI); the twoprov groups BOOP! (SeaTea House Team) and Ralshi (the PIT); and at venues including UCB, the Magnet, the PIT, Caroline's on Broadway, and Sea Tea in Hartford, CT.

If you build it, we will come...

They will be joined by the comics from LEAD McENROE:

Lead McEnroe wants to hang out with you. Because they hang out with each other way too much, and it's getting weird. Described by The Apiary as "fearless character creation machine", "...absurd and oddly touching" by Fairfield Now Magazine, and "Masters of the art of long-form improv" by Short and Sweet NYC, this long-running staple presents a show that is certifiably insane, yet oddly eloquent.